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The Site:
Welcome to the online home for Dystopia based on the server Naddist Rebels.

Dystopia: We are a serious, end-game oriented guild looking for devoted players to join us in conquering SWTOR. We hope to one day accommodate multiple raid groups, as well as to engage in some group pvp.

Location: We are Based on the Naddist Rebels US east PvP server

Goals: We plan to devote ourselves to advancing the guild through the current level of available content. As of right now we have achieved our goal of clearing every available flash point on normal and are just missing boarding party on hardmode.

Size: Currently we are standing strong at the small size of twenty members. 

Thanks for Visiting and Remember, lets create Dystopia.
Guild News

Guild Update 1/8/2012

Sophist, Jan 8, 12 3:05 PM.
    Just a quick update to everyone. As of January 8th we have cleared all flashpoints on the normal difficulty and are halfway through clearing the available hard modes. We have the first four 50's of the guild Sophist, Wig, Ticondrius, and Nars and are looking forward to Boeden, Runsdedt, Morest, and Ausare joining our ranks within the next week.
    I would like to welcome all new members of the guild, with your help we can achieve what we set out to upon making the guild. After a guild meeting on January 1st we have established a ruling council of the guild comprising of Svein, Morest, Runsdedt with Sophist overseeing as the acting guild leader. January 14th has been designated as the day we expect everyone to be fully geared and to make our first attempt on Eternity Vault. 
    Enjoy the start of the new year guys. Heres to the downing of our first raid to come!

Early Access occurring far quicker then scheduled!

Sophist, Dec 13, 11 11:23 AM.
It's finally the 13th and as we all know early access begins today. I thought i would update you all on some of the information i'm seeing floating around the forums. Early Access emails are being sent out based on when you pre-ordered the game with those who pre-ordered in July recieving the earliest invites. They are being sent out in large batchs that bioware is refering to as "waves". As of 11:22am EST on the 13th the third wave of invites had already been sent out and they are way ahead of schedule at the current time. Keep an eye on your email today guys!

Mumble Server Added for Members

Sophist, Dec 12, 11 11:59 PM.
Due to one of our members Morest, we currently have access to a 25 man mumble server available at launch. Be sure to thank him if you see him ingame, or in mumble.

Guild Rules

morestmar, Dec 7, 11 11:52 PM.

The following rules have been decided by the High Council of the guild.

Rule One: Put the guild and your guild mates ahead of personal gains. We are a family here within Dystopia and as such we expect you to help the guild and each other.

Rule Two:  Due to the unique alliance system being introduced in TOR, there will be no discussing guild matters with people outside of the guild. This is to preserve the stability of the guild and to prevent drama within our ranks.
Rule Three:  If you are online for an extended period of time, it is your obligation to participate in guild events that are in progress. We are a family within the guild as well so if you have some free time, help out other members of the guild they will return the favor.

Rule Four:  The guild's leadership will decide when and if you will recieve a promotion. We decide this based on dedication, loyalty, activity, and listening to the members of the guild.

Rule Five: If you go inactive for a period greater then one month you will be removed from the guild. If you plan on any extended period of time away from the game or if you encounter an emergency that requires time away please send an email explaining your situation to the Listener, Speaker, or GM of the guild.

Rule Six: Failure to follow any of these rules after you are given one warning will lead to your removal from the guild with an explanation from either the GM or Co-GM. 
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Imperial AgentHigh
Sith InquisitorMed
Sith WarriorLow
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